Joaquin Phoenix appears to be getting into the act of being a petulant hip-hop star. He jumped off the stage during a short performance at a Miami Beach nightclub early Thursday morning and confronted an audience member who was heckling him. Security guards dragged him back on stage and escorted him away. It’s unknown whether […]

Why Busta Rhymes’ new song is senseless and not satire.

The emails, surprisingly, began to flow in shortly after midnight and President-elect Barack Obama’s speech at Grant Park. I had told my students at Morehouse College that we would have an electronic class in lieu of our Wednesday classes. They would have to email me their reactions to our historic election by midnight Wednesday (within […]

It is tragic that it takes an incident like the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew for people to focus on an issue like domestic violence in urban African-American communities. Domestic violence is often ignored by society and the mainstream media,  although it is a serious issue for women of all races, backgrounds […]

Filmmaker and activist, Byron Hurt has a new short film, entitled, Barack and Curtis. Hurt had previously directed the critically acclaimed documntary, Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, which looked into the negativity, violence and misogyny of Hip Hop. The new film deals with black masculinity with two vastly different figures, Barack Obama and Curtis’ […]