Lee Rose's movie explores the modern impact of racially restrictive covenants.

The racially discriminatory "redlining" lending practice has been outlawed for centuries, but unfortunately, a few remnants of the prejudice protocol continue to haunt Black and Brown homeowners today.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A civil rights complaint was brought against the Lone Wolf Housing Authority, the former executive director and a former program assistant in December 2020.  

Residents of Centreville, Ill., have been locked in a decades-long battle to get the local government to correct issues with raw sewage discharges flooding yards and basements.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Amid the ongoing scourge of gentrification in America, three allies have sued a Detroit landlord and are alleging housing discrimination against prospective renters who are Black.

Two new housing studies shed light on the challenges Blacks face in finding quality, affordable housing.

The FBI on Wednesday released almost 400 pages of documents related to the 1970s investigation of racial discrimination in housing owned by President Donald Trump’s late father, Fred Trump.


Gregory Seldon claims that under his initial profile he was declined a room, but when he pretended to be white, the host accepted him.


"I remember people talking about how somehow this was going to solve all our racial problems. I wasn’t one of those who subscribed to that notion," the president said.

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If you thought housing discrimination was dead — you thought wrong. According to HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, housing discrimination is still alive and kicking. In 2014, HUD has handled discrimination cases dealing with Race/national Origin Maternity Lending Disability Domestic Violence Survivors Families with Children HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal […]

In a new investigative report published by the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA), six major banks have been accused of actively engaging in discriminatory practices in the maintenance and marketing of foreclosed Real Estate Owned (REO) properties in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods. That  translates into foreclosed homes in Black and Latino areas across the country […]