Fudge says that when coupled with the full promise of the Biden administration's Build Back Better Agenda, this is a chance in a lifetime to fundamentally transition the way individuals and families are housed and supported in communities. Housing affordability also includes homeownership and support for making that pathway more accessible to a broader group of people.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge made a permanent impression on the White House reporter pool on Thursday, after she was forced to give a short lesson on manners.

Following Fudge's confirmation announcement, several civil rights organizations voiced their hope that she will forge a new chapter in addressing systemic racial inequities in housing.


HUD will shut down both public housing projects in Cairo, Illinois, a rural town in Southern Illinois.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said Wednesday that "poverty is a state of mind" during an interview with Sirius XM.


While discussing Ben Carson's appointment to HUD, Marc Lamont Hill noted that Ghostface Killah's great leadership of the Wu-Tang Clan does not necessarily crossover to other jobs.