If not for the crisis facing Haitians at the border, many people would still question me when I say that immigration is indeed a Black issue. While Haiti is fresh in our psyche, it would be detrimental to Haitian asylum seekers to neglect to see the broader scope of challenges facing diverse populations of Black immigrants. As much as Haitian migrants want relief, they understand the impact of America’s immigration crisis on fellow Black immigrants at and within the border. 


Joe Biden's presidency hasn't translated into safeguarding Black asylum seekers from the throes of American ethnocentrism, racism and bigotry. Instead, it's catapulted them to the center of it.


An expert on refugee law and policy unpacks what went on at the U.S. border and whether the Biden administration is shirking its moral and legal obligations in deporting the Haitian migrants.

Despite a seemingly neverending string of tragedies that have left its people desperate for help, data shows that the U.S. grants asylum to Haitians at the lowest rate among people from any other nationality who are similarly seeking refuge.

After treating Black people as a political afterthought for the first two years of his borderline illegitimate presidency, Donald Trump has now tried (and failed) twice to appeal to African-Americans when it comes to his racist immigration policies.

Haitian refugees have found a home in Mexico as the United States turns aways increasing numbers of migrants seeking to enter the country.

The NAACP filed a lawsuit that seeks to void the DHS's decision to end Temporary Protection Status for nearly 60,000 Haitian immigrants.