Apple has released an iOS 11.1.1 update that fixes a keyboard autocorrect bug for the iPhone and iPad that caused message problems for users.


An out of control 9-year-old South Carolina boy attacked his teacher after she seized his iPad because of his bad behavior, reports The Smoking Gun. Trying to regain control of her classroom at Oakdale Elementary School, Maxi Shiflet, 26, confiscated the iPads from several students and the “5’2, 125 pound” boy crawled under a desk, […]


Authorities from the the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana are looking for someone who stole an iPad and the alleged thief may have given them some unintentional assistance, News Channel 5 reports. The alleged thief (pictured above) took a number of photos of herself with the device days after someone broke into the […]

PHILADELPHIA– A 9-year-old whiz kid named Jesse Friedman developed a chiropractic iPad application, and is now dreaming big for the future.

Recently Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. took to the floor to discuss one of the major causes of unemployment, the iPad. He made claims that the device almost single-handedly caused the demise of newspaper industry, college textbook manufacturing and the Borders bookstore chain.  You can see the video of his remarks here. His remarks were so […]

California — Before, during and even between classes at Hillbrook School this fall, seventh-graders have been spotted on the Los Gatos, Calif., campus, sometimes burbling Spanish or Mandarin phrases into the glowing screen in their hands, other times staring into it like a looking glass. iPads — the Apple of almost every adolescent’s eye — […]

Apple and Verizon Wireless announced this morning a partnership that would bring the iPad to Verizon Wireless Stores across the U.S. on October 28. While the collaboration won’t see Verizon compatible technology embedded in the iPad, it will bundle the iPad Wi-Fi with a Verizon MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot.