Former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice has been tapped to help coach and advise players of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl as a co-running back coach, ESPN reports.

Ray Rice is hoping to convince teams he deserves another chance after his domestic abuse incident with wife Janay Rice last year.


Ray Rice has been making headlines throughout the past year following the highly-publicized domestic dispute he and his wife Janay Rice were involved in. Now, Ray reflects on…

Fallen from grace NFL player Ray Rice (pictured), who became media fodder last year when a video surfaced of him assaulting his then-fiancée, Janay (pictured) has reportedly been offered a one-year job with that pays a $500,000 base salary and another $500,000 in bonuses based on membership milestones, according to TMZ. The Pro Draft Fantasy football league site […]

Former NFL Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice (pictured second from right) went all out to make his wife, Janay’s (pictured), birthday special — despite not having a J-O-B reports TMZ. SEE ALSO: 2 Chainz Blunts Nancy Grace’s Anti-Pot Debate [VIDEO] The running back, who is currently a free agent, became media fodder last year when he was arrested […]


File this under not funny: A man recently attended a Halloween party dressed as Ray Rice (pictured), pulling the hair of a blow-up doll to represent Janay Palmer Rice, the wife of the suspended Baltimore Ravens running back. Rice was suspended indefinitely, after TMZ released a video showing the running back striking his now-wife and knocking […]

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        I met Ray Rice in 2012. It was at an event that was held for Ambassadors of Hope — a campaign that two friends and I started to raise money for charitable causes and to provide students in Camden, N.J., where we are all from, much-needed role models to show them […]

Former Baltimore Ravens, Ray Rice (pictured), whose infamous elevator rage resulted in him knocking out cold his then-fiancee and current wife, Janay, now claims the beatdown was all due to the hard liquor he had been consuming, according to TMZ. RELATED: Ray Rice Speaks Out For The First Time Since Wife Beating Video The video, which […]

Whenever I want to give up on humanity and manage to avoid a conversation with family, I can always count on the Internet to renew my interests in seeing the absolute worst in people. If I need a lil’ extra something-something to really make me cynical, mass media and the numerous insensitive, hallow-thinking, and misogyny-pushing minions they […]


I am a domestic violence survivor. I’ve been cursed at, spit on, sexually assaulted by my mate, dragged down a flight of steps in public, and punched in the head. I have even been pulled out of my car and left bare foot on the side of the highway. Each time I went back. I’ve […]

Janay Rice (pictured left), the wife of Baltimore Ravens player Ray (pictured), has broken her silence in an emotion-filled Instagram rant about the leak of a graphic video, depicting a heated altercation between she and her husband last February in an Atlantic City hotel elevator, according to The Baltimore Sun. RELATED: Ravens Terminate Ray Rice’s Contract After […]