WASHINGTON (AP) — Even if Congress heeds President Barack Obama’s demands to “pass this bill right away” and enacts his jobs and tax plan in its entirety, the unemployment rate probably still would hover in nosebleed territory for at least three more years. Why? Because the 1.9 million new jobs the White House says the […]

WASHINGTON-As President Obama tries to push his highly touted jobs bill through congress, several Democrats are expressing displeasure with the bill. Some are upset at the tax cuts the jobs bill would bring, and others are upset at the tax cuts some companies would lose. RELATED: Obama: “We Must Pump It Up To Pass Jobs Act” […]

On Thursday, President Obama spoke to the Joint Session of Congress on his job creation bill where he urged both Democrats and Republicans to “pass this jobs bill.” In a letter to the president The Alliance for Equity in Higher Education, a collaborative effort of the American Indian Higher Education Coalition (AIHEC), Hispanic Association of […]

President Barack Obama ordered federal agencies to move faster with their payments to small businesses contracted by the government today in his jobs speech at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The president said he wanted things to move twice as fast in order to put more money in their pockets quicker so they can […]

Four days after President Obama laid out the American Jobs Act for Congress, he took his message to a public forum attended by over 100 African Americans at the White House and live-streamed over the Internet, imploring them to help get the bill passed. “We are at a critical juncture in our country and this […]

Our Atlanta radio station, Majic 107.5, recently had an interview with White House senior advisor and  assistant to the president for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett called into the Steve Harvey Morning Show today to discuss the American Jobs Act, which President Obama unveiled to America in a televised speech to Congress […]

Last night, President Obama gave his long awaited speech on the $450 billion jobs bill that he is looking to pass through Congress. The reception to his speech was positive from both Democratic and Republican commentators. Now all the president has to worry about is whether Republicans will help him out on this bill, or […]

DETROIT — President Barack Obama used a boisterous Labor Day rally to put congressional Republicans on the spot, challenging them to place the country’s interests above all else and vote to create jobs and put the economy back on a path toward growth. “Show us what you’ve got,” he said. In a partial preview of […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will lay out his jobs plan in a prime television time address next week to a rare joint session of Congress, the White House said Wednesday. Obama sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asking to speak to both chambers on Sept. 7 […]

A Washington Post/ABC poll revealed a sharp decline in support for President Obama from his liberal African-American voter base over his jobs agenda. The number of liberal Democrats who strongly support Obama’s record has plummeted from 53 percent to 31 percent. The number of African-Americans who support Obama’s performance on the economy once stood at […]

A recent review of job vacancy postings on sites like Monster.com, CareerBuilder, and Craigslist revealed that hundreds of employers said that they consider, or strongly prefer, people currently employed or recently laid off. This places the 14 million unemployed American in a very dire condition. Unemployment is already scathing the country, and now it could […]

Roland Martin talks with Van Jones about his new initiative to get Americans back to work called Rebuild the Dream. From RebuildtheDream.com: Van Jones called this new wave of energy the “American Dream Movement.” It’s growing stronger by the day, and it’s not going away until Americans can find jobs, afford to go to college, […]