With inflation raging, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is being blamed for the child poverty rate more than doubling after he blocked the child tax credit from being renewed.

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson expertly trolled Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and her staunch opposition to voting rights by resurfacing one of her old tweets that called voting rights icon John Lewis her "hero."

White House Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond said Senators straddling the fence need to remember that voting rights are the bedrock of democracy.  

Pressley said that by obstructing the president's agenda, Manchin was obstructing the people's agenda.  

Channeling her inner Kanye West circa 2005, freshman progressive Missouri Rep. Cori Bush effectively said in a public letter that Joe Manchin doesn't care about Black people if he doesn't support Biden's Build Back Better legislation.

Capitol Police included the 79-year-old Rev. Jesse Jackson among the 20 people it detained and arrested for protesting against the filibuster on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

Prominent Black civil rights leaders, politicians, and activists unloaded on Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin after the West Virginia politician doubled down on his decision to vote against the For the People Act.

WASHINGTON — A freshman Democratic senator accused President Barack Obama on Tuesday of failing to provide leadership on a worsening national deficit as top Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill spent more time pointing fingers than seeking common ground on a must-do measure to fund the government for the next six months. ALSO READ: WBW […]