Karl Rove's choice of language was being scrutinized after he described President Barack Obama's address HBCU graduates as a "political drive-by shooting."

“If you want to get something done, stop scaring people.” That’s an important message albeit it came from the absolute worst source imaginable. Republican strategist Karl Rove (pictured) — whose political strategy can best be summed with the words “BOOGY BOOGY BOO!” — showed some damn nerve earlier this week when he told Democrats that […]

In a new ad, “Over,” launched by the Karl Rove-backed Crossroads GPS super PAC, the narrator declares to President Barack Obama, “The time for politics has ended.” A political strategist is using his political action committee to stress that now is not the time for politics. Isn’t that something? Why don’t I go to Popeye’s, […]

Conservatives mocked Vogue’s Ann Wintour and the campaign of President Barack Obama for a “ritzy” fashion initiative called ‘Runway To Win,” conceived by Wintour to raise money for the president’s re-election efforts. Well, it appears as if the joke is on them. According to campaign manager Jim Messina, the eclectic fashion palette raked in over […]

Okay, I know this may be last week’s news but Tucker Carlson thinks Michael Vick should be executed. Carlson should be arrested given the likelihood of Fox News viewers to carry out violent attacks. If Michael Vick should be executed and given the same treatment that he gave the dogs, shouldn’t Peyton Manning and his […]