Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins' story shines a light on the painful history surrounding the disappearances and deaths of Black youth being treated casually.

The FBI will not be investigating the death of a Black teenager in suburban Chicago, a development that likely dealt a blow to activists who were trying to pressure the federal agency to get involved.

Police released a new surveillance video showing Kenneka Jenkins appearing to walk into a Crowne Plaza kitchen, but the teen is not seen walking into the freezer where her body was reportedly found.

The Family of Kenneka Jenkins and activists are calling for an FBI investigation.

A video purports to show hotel employees demonstrating that there’s no way Kenneka Jenkins locked herself in the Crowne Plaza Hotel's freezer.

A new video claiming to show Kenneka Jenkins enjoying herself at a party in a hotel where she was later found dead was posted online early Wednesday morning.

Facebook has a history of working with law enforcement investigating potential criminal activity as it relates to the site's live streaming video capabilities, the social media network told News One exclusively Tuesday afternoon.

Facebook Live videos have been instrumental in police investigations. Here are five infamous cases.

Police are investigating a viral Facebook Live video in which 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins is allegedly heard crying for help while reportedly being raped, but haven't disclosed how she ended up dead in a freezer.

Black Twitter is disputing the accounts surrounding a black teen being found dead in a hotel storage freezer near Chicago.