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Since Black women in the U.S. are the most likely to die from pregnancy-related complications, how we talk about race, risk, and maternal death matters.

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Beyonce haters were talking tough on the internet all last week, but didn't even care to show up to their own anti-Bey rally.


Saying he "did something stupid and wrong," the White president of the Maricopa County chapter of the NAACP on Wednesday apologized for making a sexist comment following a meeting on racial sensitivity, reports the Huffington Post.


Adam Satterly earned 60 days behind bars for the outburst.


Siri is helpful for a lot of things — finding a date night spot, directions, and looking up definitions. But if you wanted to mess with Siri and ask her to define the word ‘bitch,’ you would come across this: The third definition says (Black slang) for a woman. Excuse me? Since when is the word bitch […]

The woman can be heard spewing remarks such as "F**k you, ugly black man,” “He’s inferior because he’s black,” and “I have nice hair. At least I have hair to fix."

You haven’t heard the true story of Harriet Tubman until you’ve watched Comedy Central’s Drunk History segment with Crissle West and Octavia Spencer. Curated by comedian Derek Waters, the show features drunk participants speaking on America’s historical figures paired with famous celebrity reenactments. Last week’s episode featured West, the hilarious co-host of The Read and frequent commenter […]

Searching for a reason to spew their venom, racists seized on the lack of an obvious handicap to attack a 30-year-old blind Maryland man, berating him for using a handicapped spot at a shopping center, reports MyFoxDC. The incident occurred Sunday in Silver Springs, when D’Anthony White and his fiancée returned from shopping to find […]

Black bus driver endured slurs at Brooklyn Jewish school, suit says — Newsweek (@Newsweek) June 2, 2015 A federal lawsuit alleges that a 56-year-old Black bus driver at an ultra-Orthodox Jewish school in New York City endured racial taunts such as “monkey” and “blackie” while on the job last year, according to Newsweek. […]

Zzzzzz — Chester M. Hanks (@CHETHAZE) April 13, 2014 Tom Hanks‘ rapper son, Chester, is the latest White artist to appropriate the n-word, and he’s sparking a bombastic debate on social media. Gawker reports that early Tuesday morning, Chester, whose rapper name is Chet Haze, posted an Instagram video to explain that “hip-hop isn’t about […]

The mother of a 11-year-old from Georgia has slammed the school system for not taking stronger action against a school nurse who verbally assaulted her son in October. Jason Ezzard, a sixth grader, was seen throwing a bag of chips in the cafeteria at Mundy’s Mill Middle School in Clayton County. School nurse Beverly Barnes then […]

If you Google Map “nigga house,” this is what you’ll find. America. — deray mckesson (@deray) May 19, 2015 Internet juggernaut Google is apologizing after a quick search of a racist term in their maps produced White House results. On Monday, the internet community took to Twitter to express outrage over the findings, prompting […]