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Moise Morancy, a popular poet, comedian, and activist, caught one woman’s racist rant in a now-viral video he recorded on a New York City bus.

The incident occurred last Thursday on a packed MTA bus in Brooklyn. Morancy was reportedly on his way to class when a White woman allegedly screamed racial obscenities at a Black female passenger. Morancy decided to step in, according to Pix11.

The woman subsequently began to direct racial insults his way.

As Morancy recorded the woman spewing remarks such as “F**k you, ugly Black man,” “He’s inferior because he’s Black,” and “I have nice hair. At least I have hair to fix,” he defended himself and refused to back down.

“It’s actually quite important because us millennials, we have the technology to expose these people for who they are,” Morancy told Pix11.“When you know yourself there’s no insult that can really denounce you or make you feel less than, so I was having fun with it,” he said.

Morancy posted the video on Facebook and YouTube, gaining a combined total of 600,000 views and growing.

Morancy may look familiar to some. He’s the creator of the moving photo project, “#ItDoesntMatter,” which portrayed the artist as a college graduate, businessman, gang member, and prisoner with a rope and American flag wrapped around his neck. In September, he spoke to the Huffington Post about his project and explained why the photos had a lasting impact online.

“It doesn’t matter what your profession is,” he told The Huffington Post. “It doesn’t matter, you know, how much success you’ve obtained in America. When you’re an individual of a darker hue, life will be much [more] difficult for you.”

When asked why he chose to go with a single tweet that only included a hashtag and a few photos for the start of his campaign, Morancy said he “wanted the images to speak for themselves.”

The woman on the bus hasn’t yet been identified, but the incident has sparked more conversation surrounding race and discrimination in public.

SOURCE: Pix11, Facebook, The Huffington Post | VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube 


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