Like mother like daughter. In this inspiring clip presented by Prudential and Urban One, we meet a beautiful duo with big business ideas.

African-American pastor and civil rights activist, Dr. DeForest Soaries, founder of the dfree® Financial Freedom movement, focuses on reducing debt and building wealth within black communities through his Billion Dollar Challenge campaign.

Legacy Builder Dr. Ricco Wright, founder of the Black Wall Street Gallery is part of the reimagining that’s occurring in the historic Black Wall Street area of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

From barbershops to college courtyards, African-Americans are discussing Black prosperity and the best ways to merge past economic achievements with the present.

According to Prudential’s 2018 study, The Cut: Exploring Financial Wellness in Diverse Populations, three-quarters of Blacks who earn over $60,000 annually and two-thirds of those who make under $60,000 are confident that they will reach their financial goals.

Prudential and Urban One explore the rebirth of Black America by tapping into three Black epicenters; Detroit, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Atlanta through the lives of three women in different phases of their own financial well-being.

The barbershop is more than just a cut…it’s a conversation. So naturally, there is no better place to talk C.R.E.A.M (Cash Credit Rules Everything Around Me). We stopped by a barbershop to ask real men, “how does money make you feel?” What came out of the discussion were a myriad of topics that just aren’t […]

‘Shop talk’ is like therapy. Be it ‘Testify Tuesday’ or ‘Finance Friday,’ the beauty salon and barbershop are safe spaces where we often seek council and drop gems. So when we showed up to ask real men and women, “how does money make you feel?”, of course the conversation got candid and insightful real quick. […]

Let’s be honest. When it comes to money, are you keeping it real with yourself or are you stuntin’? To often we put our self-worth into what other people think about us. We exchange a pound of financial freedom for an ounce of social status. But at the same time, it feels rewarding when you […]

How do you know when you’re actually being underpaid and when it just feels like “I don’t get paid enough for this”?

Given that our children are likely our greatest expense and greatest love, perhaps it might be helpful to discuss how we teach them about money.