Lisa Bonet captivated fans on timeless Black sitcoms like 'The Cosby Show' and 'A Different World.'

We are taking a look at all of the father’s out there who need someone to “put a ring on it.”

Lenny Kravitz’s tantalizing style, electric vocals and all around sexiness has us forgetting the singer turned 51 today. Can… L.A. was church!!! — Lenny Kravitz (@LennyKravitz) May 16, 2015 You… Happy Valentine’s Day baby! — Lenny Kravitz (@LennyKravitz) February 14, 2015 Believe it? #regram @zoeisabellakravitz — Lenny Kravitz (@LennyKravitz) January 29, 2015 […]

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Katy Perry probably thought riding a giant gold lion across the University of Phoenix Stadium was her best idea since kissing a girl, but nope,…

Los Angeles — Michael, the album that the world has been waiting for is being released on Tuesday.

In celebration of Chanuka (which began December 1st) here’s a list of Black celebrities who are Jewish. We’ll guarantee that there’s at least a few people on this list who you had no idea have Jewish roots. Take a look: RELATED: Obama: “I’m Christian By Choice” Nebraska State Senator Sues God