Out of all of Trump's former advisers and certain high-ranking members of his administration, Lynne Patton is the only person to face a fine for violating the Hatch Act.


Donald Trump has appointed racist Obama birther, Mark Meadows, as the new White House chief of staff.

Stacey Dash, Ben Carson and more Black Trump supporters who defend his racism.

Lynne Patton babbled with her sunglasses on Fox News.

The HUD official is violating the law in plain sight.

Another opportunist in Trump's administration.

You know it's bad when the king of buffoonery is advising you to not go that deep in the sunken place.

Lynne Patton and her sunglasses continues to be an embarrassment.

The secretary of HUD also revealed he is leaving after Trump's first term.

Eric Trump's former party planner appeared on Fox News.

Eric Trump's former party planner showed up at Michael Cohen's testimony.

Black History Month

While the evening certainly didn't produce any resolutions for the plight of Black people in America, it did produce some of the most ridiculous images of those who appear to very securely fixed in their sunken places.