Black News

Viral video shows a white anti-masker telling a Black woman, "As a Black person, you should be ashamed!" after she's refused service for refusing to wear a mask at a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles location in Anaheim, California.


A new report found that the leading cause of death for police nationwide is COVID-19. Still, police unions across America are refusing to comply with vaccine mandates.

A viral video making the rounds on social media is bringing attention to what's being described as a growing trend of people who oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates by exercising vague religious exemptions as a way to skirt the rules.

In a viral video clip, the New York rapper takes a moment to go off about mask mandates claiming they violate his civil liberties.

In a very on-brand move, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is trying to overturn the governor's mandate for children to wear masks in schools as the COVID-19 delta variant ravishes the state.