Polls in recent months have shown Americans, including those identifying as Republicans, support allowing the federal government to negotiate lower drug prices.  

House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to cut holes in the social safety net during the 2018 legislative session.

Senate Republicans confirmed Tom Price as HHS secretary. The future of healthcare and abortion rights is threatened.

WASHINGTON — As negotiations on raising the debt limit persist, reports say President Obama is willing to reduce significant spending in Medicare and Social Security in exchange for Republican support in fresh tax revenue. This deal may upset many Democratic policymakers, however, Obama is set to argue in a meeting Thursday morning that a consensus […]

Republicans are backtracking as voters are demonstrating a lack of support for their efforts to overhaul Medicare. Riding the wave of the 2010 election, the G.O.P has been eager to rally voters against what they deem as big government social welfare programs like Medicare.  But recent polls and town halls meeting tell a different story. […]