In a world where gifs & internet jokes rule, is it offensive — appropriation, even — for white people to share memes featuring Black people?


Herschel Walker flashing a badge "prop" at the Georgia Senate debate against Warnock sparked social media memes ridiculing the moment.


NewsOne has live updates to the Herschel Walker and Sen. Warnock's Senate debate with the best social media reactions, memes and gifs.


Memes and gifs imagining what Kevin Samuels' funeral will look like have gone viral one week after the controversial YouTuber and self-proclaimed relationship guru died in Atlanta.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Memes mocking the NYPD patrolling subways have been filling social media timelines after New York City cops proved to be ineffective, at best, in finding Brooklyn train shooting suspect Frank James on their own.

Just how racist does someone have to be to actively work for the better part of two years to stop saying the N-word?

The internet wins again as social media users weigh in with their disappointment in 2020 via the Blackest memes.


The next step for all of us, regardless of where we fall in the argument over the memes, is figuring out the best way for us to do the most good and offer the most support to those who are going to be ravaged by America’s warmongering.

She called the cops and now the world is laughing at her.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is officially a Supreme Court justice. The journey has been arduous and social media has had a field day along the way. But what else can you do? We have to laugh to keep from crying. See Also: Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3 To 10 Years In Prison For Sexual Assault Conviction In […]

Alison Ettel called the police on an eight-year-old Black girl who was selling water. Now she is the latest meme and GIF sensation. Keep clicking to get your cackle on.


Do you miss the days of eating freezer pops, chilling with family at the cookout, and playing all day outside? Well, check out #SummerWhileBlack!