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UPDATED: 9:00 a.m. ET, May 13, 2022

Originally published: May 12

The death of controversial YouTube personality Kevin Samuels has sparked a wide range of reactions from supporters and detractors alike who are split on how to properly acknowledge the loss of life.

Nowhere else is that more apparent than on social media, where memes and gifs have repeatedly gone viral since what began as unverified rumors of his death and have lasted well beyond the confirmation that he died last week in Atlanta.

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Now, much of that same attention has turned toward the topic of a funeral for Samuels and what one would look like.

The alternating sympathizing and cruel social media treatment toward Samuels, a self-described “image consultant” and relationship adviser who was known for his sharp opinions toward women — Black women, in particular — underscored the effect his words had on both his millions of followers as well as those who shunned him as a misogynist.

Not much is known about Samuels’ funeral and presumed homegoing services, as reports have fluctuated about his finances and whether there is a crowdfunding effort to raise money to pay for his burial.

The most that have been reported about a potential funeral is that it might take place in Oklahoma City, according to the Daily Mail, a tabloid that specializes in salacious gossip. Samuels’ LinkedIn page features multiple references to Oklahoma and lists his high school and college as being in that state.

While there was not any date mentioned for a potential funeral as of the publication of this article, a man who has been described as Samuels’ “best friend” has allegedly been planning a memorial.

While not the most reputable of sources, the website reported that attorney and entrepreneur Dennis Spurling — also a YouTube personality — was setting up and planning a memorial service for Samuels. The site posted an apparent screenshot from one of Spurling’s streams that purportedly said a memorial service would be held on Sunday at 3 p.m. A message invited “fans” to “come share your testimonials with Mr. Samnuels’ family and friends.”

A brief review by NewsOne of Spurling’s 14 videos he’s posted since Samuels’ death was unable to locate such notice of any memorial.

A GoFundMe was reportedly started to help pay for Samuels’ funeral before it was removed from the online fundraising website for reasons that are unknown.

Those and other social media rumblings have now given way to an outpouring of memes and gifs imagining what Samuels’ funeral will be like, including sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek speculation about who might be in attendance based on the messages the so-called relationship guru espoused in life.

The most recent controversial take Samuels had prior to his death centered on his feelings about unmarried women who are over 35 years old, referring to them as “leftover” women.

That commentary seems to have inspired no shortage of memes about the prospects of Samuels’ funeral, including whether any of those types of so-called “low value” women would be there.

Other memes focused on the type of man who might be at the funeral, seeing as Samuels routinely tried to boost up the confidence of males while seemingly lending the opposite treatment to women.

The common denominator that linked most of the memes was cruelty, in part because Samuels’ commentary was so polarizing and divisive along gender and racial lines that seemed to disproportionately target Black women.

Samuels also routinely took shots at Black women’s body images, something that likely prompted a number of memes mocking his opinions as Draconian in nature.

In the end, the loss of human life is no laughing matter, no matter who dies. But as we all know, Black Twitter, in particular, has absolutely no chill at all and will always state its truth, for better and for worse.


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