Good News

The New York City-based criminal justice reform nonprofit Avenues for Justice has received a grant from the NBA Foundation.


While the increased awareness has been a welcomed development for HBCUs, there is still a wide gap in getting students to these schools and completing their degrees, with money being the driving force behind these issues.

Good News

NBA legend Vince Carter has launched a scholarship program for youth.

Good News

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has launched a mentor challenge to find 100 men to mentor youth in Atlanta.


Teresa White, Aflac’s first Black woman president, is using her journey to inspire Black girls.

The Black Man Can, a nonprofit organization, has built a volunteer army of Black male role models.

A longtime education mentor and mentee share insights into the dynamics of their relationship.

A science educator who helped pioneer #HipHopEd mentored a new generation of science teachers.

Principal Nadia Lopez has earned recognition for her inspirational programs. She's even more determined to steer her students on the path to success.

The Obama administration unveiled details of a plan to curb chronic absenteeism. A core of mentors in several major cities will work with at-risk students, along with an ad campaign targeting parents.

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The dehumanization of African American children has long been an issue in our country. The similarities between stories like Emmett Till’s and Trayvon Martin’s illustrate that racism in America is still alive and well. How can we uplift young African American children when the world is constantly trying to knock them down? This was a topic discussed […]