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Omarosa Stallworth (pictured left), who is best known for her villainous ways on TV reality shows, became a life-saver this past July, when she performed emergency CPR on fiance actor Michael Clarke Duncan (pictured) after he passed out during a cardiac arrest. Stallworth, who is mourning the recent loss of Duncan, now says he was the love of her life, according to RadarOnline.

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“I am devastated,” the former “Apprentice” star revealed to the celebrity news site.  “He was the love of my life.”

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The 54-year-old actor, who was often referred to as a “gentle giant,” a nickname which came about after his memorable Oscar-nominated performance in the 1999 film “The Green Mile,” passed away on Monday at the famed Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Unfortunately, Duncan never fully recovered from the July 13th heart attack that eventually took his life. According to TMZ, Duncan’s death occurred because he was deprived of oxygen for more than five minutes. and while Omarosa was able to revive Duncan with CPR, his organs reportedly shut down with each passing day.

TMZ reports:

Sources involved in Duncan’s treatment tell us … on July 13 the actor went without oxygen for more than 5 minutes before Omarosa was able to re-start his heart with CPR.  We’re told 5 minutes is the outer limit before permanent damage is likely.

Our sources say Duncan’s decline was slow but steady.  First it was a kidney problem, then the pancreas, then extremely high blood pressure, and so on, until his body just shut down.

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Duncan, who stood a towering 6’5″ and weighed more than 300 pounds, had reportedly planned on marrying Stallworth in January of next year.  Only close friends knew of the impending nuptials between the pair, which they decided to keep a secret from the media.

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TMZ reports that Stallworth flew doctors in from all over the world to try to save Duncan and was allegedly plagued by doubts as to whether she had been doing enough to save his life.

Upon receiving notification of Duncan’s death, Stallworth, who had left town for a previous engagement, return to L.A. and was seen sobbing uncontrollably as she tried to leave LAX amid a sea of flashing lights and inquiring reporters.

Watch Stallworth at LAX airport here:

Currently, Stallworth is said to be making funeral arrangements for Duncan.

NewsOne’s condolences go out to the Duncan and Stalworth families.