Moving George Floyd's case out of Minneapolis could mean less diverse jury pools that are more sympathetic to police officers, thus increasing the chances of acquittals or mistrials.


Maya Santamaria, a former club owner, says they were both hired at her venue.

Good News

The fundraiser launched for George Floyd’s loved ones has raised over $13 million, breaking a GoFundMe record.


County Attorney Mike Freeman makes the announcement.

Good News

We’ve rounded up a list of organizations, funds and initiatives that are providing resources for protesters on the frontlines seeking justice for George Floyd.

The ongoing protests against police violence inspired by George Floyd's death have fans of Prince wondering how the singer would react to the uprising in his hometown.

A peaceful demonstration against police violence descended into chaos as protesters marched in Minneapolis one day after an officer was accused of killing George Floyd, who was handcuffed and face-down on a street.

The brazen killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police triggered flashbacks for women dubbed the "Mothers of the Movement" whose adult children were killed by police.

Amy Klobuchar demanded justice and accountability in the police-involved death of George Floyd despite her history of never criminally charging Minneapolis cops when she was the Hennepin County attorney.

Metro Transit is automatically dismissing race.

At least six people were hospitalized, three critically, after a driver hit a group of people waiting at a bus stop in Minneapolis.

Mohamed Noor will be sentenced on Friday.