The killings of George Floyd and the protests that have continued since have inspired companies, from Apple,PepsiCo,LEGOtocollege institutions, to take a different approach, with a renewed focus to bolster relationships with the communities they interact with. Some are now partnering with local leaders to begin working towards substantive goals.


In a new report, the U.S. Education Department projected that this fall, the percentage of white students in public schools will drop from 51 percent in 2012 to 49.7. In other words: for the first time ever, the majority of students in the public school system will be children of color. The implications are tremendous. […]


About 14 million US companies owned by women and minorities represent half of the country’s businesses. Yet, they only account for 6 percent of the total revenue generated by businesses in the US. Rod Robinson is trying to change this. As CEO and founder of ConnXus, the Ohio-based company is bridging the gap between small […]

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Monday, the “NewsOne Now” panel discussed a recent Wall Street Journal report that found black-owned businesses receive just 1.7% of the $23.09 billion in total SBA loans. According to the WSJ: Black entrepreneurs have largely missed out on a rebound in federal small-business lending since the financial crisis ended. More than four years into the […]

PolicyLink, a research group is predicting that the Black, Hispanic/Latino and Asian populations will exceed that of whites in America by 2040.

Much like the achievement gap in K-12 schooling, higher education is plagued by its own gap—with respect to minority graduation rates. Nationwide, 60 percent of white students earn a degree within six years on a college campus, compared to only 40 percent of African-Americans and 49 percent of Latinos.

As part of his push to rewrite public contracting policies in New Orleans, Mayor Mitch Landrieu has vowed to improve City Hall’s long-standing and oft-criticized effort to give a portion of public work to businesses — usually those owned by minority or female entrepreneurs — that still struggle because of historic discrimination.

Texas schools need to hire more black and Hispanic teachers, especially as the enrollment of minority students continues to rise, experts said.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s colleges are attracting record numbers of new students as more Hispanics finish high school and young adults opt to pursue a higher education rather than languish in a weak job market.

In a world where visual indicators are prone to dictate social status, access to friendship circles and the overall social cohesion of minority communities, certain nations are proving just how reactive their societies are to the presence of growing minority populations.