Mitt Romney

LAS VEGAS — Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, defeated in Florida by a wide margin, is challenging rules in the state that handed all 50 delegates to Mitt Romney. The Gingrich campaign planned to send a letter to the Republican Party of Florida asking that it “enforce existing rules” that say delegates should be awarded […]

LAS VEGAS (AP) — With his trademark flair for spectacle, Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for president Thursday on the famed Las Vegas strip – just hours after Newt Gingrich’s advisers were spreading the word that The Donald would be anointing him instead. SEE ALSO: How Bad Are Super Bowl Foods For You? (QUIZ) Trump’s […]

NEW YORK— Rapper K’Naan is upset that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney used his song “Wavin’ Flag” during his Florida primary victory speech. In a statement Wednesday, K’naan says Romney’s campaign did not seek approval to use the song and that he would not have granted permission if it had. The Somali-born, Canadian-based rapper says he […]

After Mitt Romney‘s big win in the Florida GOP Primary Tuesday night, Romney told CNN that poor people are not his focus, according to the Associated Press. SEE ALSO: Why Liberals Should Love Newt While discussing his win over Newt Gingrich, Romney brought up the issue of poor people, saying, “[I’m] not concerned about the […]

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Mitt Romney routed Newt Gingrich in the Florida primary Tuesday night, rebounding smartly from an earlier defeat and taking a major step toward the Republican presidential nomination. Despite the one-sided setback, the former House speaker vowed to press on. SEE ALSO: Obama Defends Drone strikes Romney, talking unity like a nominee, […]

While defending his stance on immigration at the Florida debate, Mitt Romney revealed a family secret, his father George Romney was born in Mexico. This came as a surprise to many people seeing how as George Romney ran for President and you need to be born in the USA to run for President. The reason […]

TAMPA, Fla.  — Florida’s time has come. The state hosts its pivotal primary Tuesday as Mitt Romney seeks to tighten his grip on the Republican presidential nomination. SEE ALSO: Is It The End For Newt? Newt Gingrich reset the race by scoring an overwhelming victory in South Carolina. But in the 10 days since, the […]

On Monday, Newt Gingrich told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are “essentially the same person,” when it comes to health care, according to Politico. SEE ALSO: Romney: Newt Is In Serious Trouble Labeling Romney a liberal and pro-abortion candidate, Gingrich said: George Soros in Europe yesterday said publicly, that […]

Now it’s easy to call every single primary win a game-changer, but South Carolina truly was one. Not only because Newt Gingrich was able to weather a last minute bombshell from his ex-wife, who claimed he wanted an open marriage, but also because he was about 15 points down in South Carolina polls. Gingrich’s win […]

Stop the Presses: Newt Gingrich has upset Mitt Romney in the GOP South Carolina primary. After being neck-and-neck Saturday, the Beltway veteran won the expected evangelical Christian and Tea Party vote, but also pulled a rabbit out of his hat by winning the majority of female votes that were expected to go to Romney. SEE […]

CHARLESTON, S.C.— Under duress two days before the pivotal South Carolina primary, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney acknowledged he has invested part of his millions in the Cayman Islands, although his aides say he never used the location as a tax haven. Neither Romney nor his campaign provided details, such as how much he has invested […]

It is a morning of upheaval in the GOP presidential primary race. RELATED: Did Mitt Romney Lie About Father Marching With MLK? SEE ALSO: Ex-Supporters Pressure Perry To Exit Race According to the New York Times, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is poised to drop out: Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is poised to end his […]