CNN anchor Don Lemon publicly criticized Melissa Harris-Perry and a panel on her self-titled show for making jokes about former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney at the expense of his Black grandson Kieran Romney. In the wake of Harris-Perry’s gracious apology, Lemon has now come forward to applaud her sincerity. Mediaite reports: “The first rule of […]


Sunday morning was not a good day in Melissa Harris-Perry’s Nerdland. Harris-Perry, host of the self-titled MSNBC show that draws political wonks, scholars and pop culture enthusiasts, invited a panel on to caption the most talked about pictures of 2013. Included in the bunch was a picture of former Massachusetts Governor and GOP presidential candidate […]


Former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney announced the adoption of his 22nd grandson via Twitter, an adorable baby boy named Kieran James Romney. Baby Kieran is the son of Ben and wife Andelynne Romney. Our 22nd grandchild was officially adopted today: Kieran James Romney. cc: — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) September 20, 2013 This fact may seem innocent enough, […]

Facing MSNBC’s Ed Schultz with a calm, clear gaze, Florida bartender Scott Prouty revealed that he is the man behind the explosive Romney 47 percent video that irrevocably changed the course of the 2012 presidential election. RELATED: Poetic Justice: Romney Officially Won 47 Percent Of Election Votes Romney On 47 Percent Comment: “I Was Completely Wrong” Prouty said that […]

On Monday night, Jon Stewart did what he does best by underscoring the political foolishness that seems to happen Claiming that the sequestration made him “angry” last week, the politial satirist turned his attention to what he dubbed “Wacko and Cash” — that’s Dennis Rodman and Mitt Romney, respectively — which dramatically brightened his […]


Speaking with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, said that it “kills him” that he didn’t defeat President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, reports “It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House,” Romney said dejectedly. His wife, Ann, who […]

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The numbers are in and the Oval Office dreams of failed GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, ended with a number that he’s extremely familiar with: 47 Percent. According to Associated Press calculations, Romney managed to convince only 47.2 percent of voters that he was the right man to steer the country through war, recession, fiscal […]


Many people who endorsed President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential race did so not simply because they preferred his policies, but because Mitt Romney seemed more interesting in having the job than doing the job, to paraphrase Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick at the Democratic National Convention. Well, it seems that we had Mittens all […]

It’s been an eventful year in politics, one that will go down in history for several different reasons. Here’s NewsOne‘s list for the top 10 political moments of 2012. Some will make you smile, others will make you wince, and a few bear a nice sigh of relief because you’re unlikely to see similar events […]

In what could only be called “ironic,” a recent poll conducted by GWU/Politico shows that failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is viewed favorably by the exact percentage of people he criticized just this past September, according to the Washington Post. SEE ALSO: The Biggest Republican Mistakes Of 2012 George Washington University and Politico surveyed […]

This time last year, the Republicans were expected to seize control of the Senate and pose a real threat to President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts even with a band of misfit candidates. Unfortunately for the Grand Old Party, numerous gaffes and one too many kooks on the ballot soiled those plans. The Republican Party doesn’t […]

When asked if he plans to make another run for the presidency, Newt Gingrich told The Naple News, “I have no idea at this stage.” And he shouldn’t — or anyone else for that matter — since we’ve only recently wrapped up a two-year presidential election. Unfortunately, it seems increasingly clear that some folks want […]