Mitt Romney

Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, probably has whiplash from all of the flip-flopping on issues that he does and a revealing video edited by Daily Kos illustrates that in hilarious fashion. The video show Mittens debating himself on issues ranging from healthcare and government spending, to tax reform. And what’s really frightening? There is enough […]

With incredulous looks, frequent interruptions and emotional outbursts, Vice President Joe Biden showed more life in the first 15 minutes of last night’s vice presidential debate with Rep. Paul Ryan than President Barack Obama showed during the entire debate last week against Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. RELATED: The Vice-Presidential Debate: Fact Vs. Fiction And […]

The presidential race between President Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney shifted tides after many analysts felt that the Oct. 3 debate between the pair swung in favor of the GOP. SEE ALSO: Barack X: Race And The Obama Presidency The focus now switches from domestic policy to the intricate world foreign issues – […]

Stacey Dash  took to the Twittersphere and told the world that Mitt Romney as president of the United States is “the only choice for your future” along with a photo of her that screams NASCAR meets beauty pageant. SEE ALSO: Twins Who Gave Birth On Same Day Set Record Straight! Starting With, ‘We Do Not […]

Rosa Linda’s Mexican Cafe in Denver, Colo., says it has received death threats after it refused to host a Mitt Romney event, KCNC in Denver reports. SEE ALSO: James Holmes Halloween Mask Listed On eBay For $500 (PHOTOS) Scroll down for video Oscar Aguirre, who runs cafe, told CBS affiliate that he has received more […]

Never shy about tapping into public perceptions or crafting cultural iconography, “The New Yorker” has created a cover of the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and GOP opponent, Mitt Romney, that is sure to raise some eyebrows. SEE ALSO: 50 Cent To Release Fitness Book The cover is a caricature of the roles […]

Using Korean star Psy‘s international hit “Gangnam Style” as their inspiration, comic website College Humor released a hilarious parody on Tuesday that highlights all the things we’ve come to detest about GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Cleverly coined “Mitt Romney Style,” it is only a matter of time before this precise portrayal goes viral. SEE […]

We all know that Snoop Dogg “don’t love them hoes.” But in his recent Instagram repost of a tweet, “Why I’m Not Voting For Romney” list, the weed-tokin’ MC makes it clear that he doesn’t love GOP candidate Mitt Romney, either. SEE ALSO: Debate Pundits: What Happened To Obama? The list, originally created by Twitter […]

On Thursday night, the former Emmy-winning host and producer of “Reading Rainbow,” Levar Burton (pictured right), blasted GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney for his Big Bird remarks about cutting funding to  non-profit television station PBS. SEE ALSO: Romney On 47 Percent Comment: “I Was Completely Wrong” This week while debating President Barack Obama, Romney said to […]

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? Making his first comments since his widely panned presidential debate performance, President Barack Obama reveals to supporters in Sloan’s Lake Park in Denver, Colorado that he had no idea who he was debating against Wednesday night, but it definitely wasn’t Mitt Romney. See the POTUS’ comments below: […]

Riding high off of his lies in the first presidential debate, GOP presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, figured he might as well throw one more untruth onto the heap while momentum is on his side. RELATED: Presidential Debate: Mitt Romney Shines By Pushing Lies, Obama Misses Mark By Not Calling Him Out Speaking with FOX News’ […]

OK, we all know by now that President Barack Obama sucked in his debate performance against Mitt Romney last night. RELATED: Obama Campaign Sets The Record Straight On Presidential Debate However, that did not stop the Obama campaign from producing a video that highlighted some of the untruths–and there were many of them–the GOP candidate […]