“It is even very clear that our policy at home is to try to solve social problems through military means just as we have done abroad." - Coretta Scott King

Turley attempted to use the Civil Rights Movement and King as an example of unfairness but instead showed his ignorance of repression experienced during the period. 

"This is a fundamental question of whether or not we are going to have a just, inclusive multiracial democracy as America continues to grow," Butler said.

On this Valentine's Day, take a look back in time at Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King's incredible love story through a love letter he wrote her in the summer of 1952, a year before they were married.

The NAACP did not mince words when outgoing White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted about a hero who embodied love and faith in the pursuit of equality.

Another Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday, another tone-deaf tweet incorrectly co-opting the civil rights icon's famous words.

Rarely seen photos of Martin Luther King Jr. throughout the years of his noteworthy, incredible life.

Like many major cities across the country, Atlanta has been hit hard with gentrification that has pushed too many longtime Black residents from their homes. And the very neighborhood where civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. once called home in Georgia’s capital city was no exception. The Old Fourth Ward area has been popular […]

Once again Dr. King’s name has been spoken in vain by another politician who clearly knows nothing about King’s philosophies and activism.

A gathering will be live streamed that celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Washington National Cathedral.

The Rev. Al Sharpton led a battle cry at the National Action Network convention to defend civil rights.