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Anthony Mackie is directing a film about civil rights trailblazer Claudette Colvin.

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Steven Reed won the mayoral election in Montgomery, Alabama, to become the historic city's first Black mayor in its 200-year existence.

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In celebration of their birthday, 12-year-old twins Breanna and Brooke Bennett created care packages that included feminine hygiene products for girls and young women.


A museum will also go alongside the memorial to trace the country's history from slavery to present day. The structure is slated to open in April 2017.

Wheeler literally took matters into his own hands by grabbing control of the wheel and brakes. As police approached the car, the child pulled the truck over, ending the scary ordeal. Special Agent Eric Salvador and Trooper Lee Wells came to the duo's assistance.

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Hundreds of people gathered in Tallahassee, Florida to protest the state’s “stand your ground” laws Monday. During the rally, many of the speakers discussed the potential for a boycott of companies based in Florida to put pressure on legislators to repeal the law. Successful Black Boycotts Over the course of history, consumer boycotts have been […]

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Confederate descendants and re-enactors dressed in soldiers’ uniforms and hoop skirts marched down the main avenue in Montgomery on Saturday to mark the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. They started at a fountain where slaves were once sold, past the church that Martin Luther King Jr. led […]