Details were still being revealed in what police in Texas are calling a murder-suicide for the killing of a popular online model with millions of social media followers.

Mercedes Morr, a popular Instagram model with millions of followers, has died from a suspected murder-suicide at her home in suburban Houston. Family and friends have been shutting rumors down about the nature of her death.

Authorities are still investigating the Nov. 27 murder-suicide of Metro Police Department Detective Timothy Francis, 50, and his wife, Christina Lynn Francis, 41.

A 911 call made during the alleged murder-suicide involving former Mets outfielder Darryl Hamilton was released today, offering a different view of the sudden tragedy. The beloved athlete was shot to death by Monica Jordan, Hamilton’s former girlfriend and mother of his youngest child, in Pearland, Texas on Father’s Day, the NY Daily News reports. A 911 call made by Jordan’s ex-husband, […]

From A fire-obsessed 14-year-old Staten Island boy is suspected of the unthinkable – setting his home ablaze as he murdered his family and then slitting his own throat with a straight razor.