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A 911 call made during the alleged murder-suicide involving former Mets outfielder Darryl Hamilton was released today, offering a different view of the sudden tragedy.

The beloved athlete was shot to death by Monica Jordan, Hamilton’s former girlfriend and mother of his youngest child, in Pearland, Texas on Father’s Day, the NY Daily News reports. A 911 call made by Jordan’s ex-husband, Rohaven Richards, reveals that the couple’s 14-month-old son, Jaxon Cameron Hamilton, was in the house at the time of the shooting.

Richards told the 911 dispatcher that Jordan called in a panic, asking him to call 911 and take her youngest child out of the home. Jordan and Richards have children of their own, but they were with him for the Father’s Day holiday.

The shooting happened in Jordan’s home shortly after Hamilton dropped off his son following a Father’s Day trip. Police found Hamilton’s body near the front of the house and Jordan in a bedroom with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Here’s a snippet of the 911 call:

“She was asking—they have another child together,” Richards said.  “She was calling me crying, in desperation, asking me to call the police and to come get him, come get the baby.” (Dispatcher:Is there any reason why she didn’t call 911 that you’re aware of? Does she speak English and all?) She does speak English. I have no idea. (Dispatcher: Do you have a phone number to that premise?) I’ve got her cell phone number. There is no land line. (Dispatcher: No land line? Ok. Did you hear anything in the background? Any noises, screaming?) No. (Dispatcher:What’s the current boyfriend’s name?) I believe his name is Darryl Hamilton.”

Hamilton’s lawyer spoke to reporters about the shooting, stating the estranged couple had come to a custody agreement days before.

“It just doesn’t make sense from that vantage point,” Houston attorney Gary Zimmerman, who had represented Hamilton in the court case, told the Daily News on Tuesday. “There was no tension other than the ordinary tension in that kind of deliberation. There was nothing that rises to the level that would make me think it was possible for her to pull out a gun and shoot someone.”

Hamilton’s ex-wife Ursaline Hamilton and his MLB family expressed their loss on Twitter.

Ursaline, who is the mother of the player’s oldest sons, said her family is struggling with the loss, but her children are staying strong.

“They’re in shock, I think,” she added. “We’re just leaving a therapist’s office. Just trying to put a few more coping skills into our gloves. We’re doing well — as well as could be expected. They’re very strong, just like their dad. It’s funny how they just stepped right into his position.”

Hamilton’s son with Jordan is currently in protective custody.



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