Robert Yancy, the son of R&B singer Natalie Cole and grandson of iconic jazz singer Nat King Cole, was found dead at his home in San Fernando, California. He was 39.

Martin spoke with Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin about the impact of losing one of music's most beloved voices during Monday's edition of NewsOne Now.

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Celebrities and social media users have wasted no time in paying tribute to Natalie on Instagram and Twitter.

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Natalie Cole, legendary R&B singer and daughter of Nat King Cole, died at a Los Angeles hospital on New Years Eve.

Celebrated crooner Nat King Cole (pictured) faced racism for much of his career, even at his Los Angeles home where Ku Klux Klan members set a burning cross on his lawn in the summer of 1948. However, on April 10, 1956, Cole was attacked by a Klan offshoot group while performing in Birmingham, Ala. The […]

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