Donald Trump reshuffled the council, downgrading the military chiefs of staff to give a regular seat to Steve Bannon, his chief strategist and former chief of Breitbart News.

The FBI is set to re-launch its investigation after a new batch of Hillary Clinton's emails were unearthed on Friday.

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took part in the Commander-in-Chief’s Forum, hosted by NBC News’ Matt Lauer, on Wednesday night. The discussion focused on how the two presidential candidates would address issues of national security and allowed them to explain their respective approaches to foreign policy. Retired U.S. Army General John Hawkins, III spoke with Roland […]

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Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel detail what we should expect from President Obama during this evening's State of the Union address.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — An ex-CIA officer who helped track down and capture a top al-Qaida figure was charged Monday with disclosing classified secrets, including the role of one of his associates on that covert mission, in the latest of a series of prosecutions by the Obama administration against suspected leakers. SEE ALSO: Romney Faces […]

NEW YORK–With age come such things as catheters, colostomy bags and adult diapers. Now add another indignity to getting old – having to drop your pants and show these things to a complete stranger. SEE ALSO: Ginger White Cain’s Implosion Two women in their 80s put the Transportation Security Administration on the defensive this week […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama may have a string of counterterrorism successes and earned high marks from the public on foreign policy, but neither is likely to help him hold the White House. For his administration, this re-election reality is a frustrating bottom line. When the first-term senator won the presidency, questions lingered about […]

HOUSTON – A ruptured, smoking suitcase removed from an arriving international flight is being examined by fire crews and bomb specialists at Houston’s busiest airport.