Multiple clips have surface over the weekend.

Good News

Jay-Z and Meek Mill donated 130,000 surgical masks to prisons to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among inmates and correctional officers.

Garrett Goble is mourned by his labor union.

Elderly folks can't be the exclusive conversation when talking about vulnerable people.

Good News

Hats by Bunn—a bespoke hat shop that has been in Harlem for over two decades—is thriving in the face of gentrification.


Black model refuses to wear large "monkey ears" and oversized red lip accessories during NYC fashion show.


Students are riled up, saying their school doesn't provide a safe environment.

Crime, NewsOne Now

Cops continue to arrest teens as the case is underway.

Social media is calling for the racist white woman to be arrested.


Critics of an initiative to stop fare evasion say residents living in poverty are punished and harkens back to New York's so-called Broken Windows policing that helped foster the mass criminalization of nonviolent Black and brown people.


A shocking encounter involves a woman getting attacked and being called a racial slur.

Good News

Over 100 homeless students in New York City graduated from high school and are college-bound.