During the emotional service, the Reverend Al Sharpton vowed to help the Locke family on their mission for justice and to successfully ban the use of no-knock warrant searches from police protocol.

Residents organizing the ethics complaint process encouraged others to contact the city's ethics officer and demand a complete and thorough investigation into Frey's actions. 

Civil Rights & Social Justice

It's not enough to "reign in" no-knock warrants. The practice needs to end.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Bodycam video shows the Minneapolis Police Department shoot Amir Locke, a young Black man, within seconds during the botched execution of a no-knock warrant for which he was not the subject.

Despite defending the no-knock search warrant that led to the police killing of Breonna Taylor, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is leading a Search Warrant Task Force he said he hoped would make the state "a national model for search warrants."

State lawmakers unanimously voted to approve a bill that would restrict the usage of "no-knock" warrants on Thursday, in an increasing effort to prohibit excessive force and law enforcement policies evoked in the death of Breonna Taylor.

The City Council Progressive Caucus and the Chicago Aldermanic Black Caucus are urging for a probe and hearings examining the Feb. 2019 incident.

In a new episode of Jay Ellis' podcast, "The Untold Story: Policing," the Daughtery-Burr family recounts their horrifying experience with the LMPD in October 2018.

The type of "no-knock" search warrant used in the Louisville Police Department's botched raid that killed Breonna Taylor has a deadly history when they're not executed correctly.