A top-ranking politician in Dallas has gotten threatening messages since he demanded the NRA relocate its upcoming annual convention.

South Carolina’s Republican Sen. Tim Scott touted his role in promoting gun control legislation in a Tweet.

The gun group helped to create the shooter.

Shaneen Allen inspired gun rights legislation that would expand concealed-carry permit rights.

The mother of Trayvon Martin has made a passionate plea for the nation’s largest gun lobby to stop offering so-called “murder insurance” for people who shoot others.


Activist Tamika D. Mallory penned a letter to NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre criticizing the organization for not publicly defending Philando Castile.

During their third and final debate, Clinton and Trump clashed over the Supreme Court, abortion, the Second Amendment, and gun control.

Richard Feldman, a former NRA lobbyist told The Post, “The NRA has always made a huge point of noting that our gun laws in this country have been discriminatory against blacks and women and other minorities. At this point, it’s probably better to be criticized for not saying anything than for saying something.”

Corey Pegues spent 21 years with the New York Police Department, wending his way up through the rank-and-file to commanding officer. The decorated Black police officer left the force in April 2013, and in May, released the book Once a Cop: My Journey from former Crack Dealer to the Highest Ranks of the NYPD. On Thursday, […]

Members of the U.S. Senate have proven they’re all talk and no action and failed to pass common sense gun control legislation. In the wake of the Orlando Massacre, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. expressed outrage over the horrific shooting, a desire to move on gun control legislation, and agreed to a vote in the Senate to pass a […]