A look to the past might predict the outcome of a grand jury hearing evidence against Daniel Penny.

A white woman shown on video appearing to try to steal a Citi Bike from a Black male was identified on social media as Sarah Jane Comrie.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The Big Apple has erupted in protests.


The Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx could be getting some much-needed funding.

Race Matters

Two Black girls were charged with hate crimes after an altercation with a white woman on a New York City bus.

Good News

Educator Claudia Walker’s children’s book ‘The ABCs of Black Wall Street’ celebrates the legacies of Tulsa’s Black entrepreneurial trailblazers.


Gerald Brevard III has been reportedly identified as the prime suspect arrested after a string of killings of homeless people in New York City and Washington, D.C., following nearly two harrowing weeks of what's been described as deliberate targeting.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams' solution to a rise in gun violence in NYC is to unleash a previously-dismantled special plainclothes police unit that has been accused of racial profiling to target guns and street gangs.

Good News

Bronx-bred designer Mugzy McFly is using fashion as an avenue to cultivate community.

Good News

Renowned playwright and activist Lorraine Hansberry’s former New York City residence has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

NYPD cops arrested Tyrone Cooper, according to a tweet from Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison. Cooper was apprehended in Brooklyn after officers responded to a domestic violence call.

A car driven by "white women" struck multiple people during a Black Lives Matter protest in New York City. It was also unclear whether the collision was intentional or an accident.