Oliver Stone (pictured) is the kind of person, who when speaking freely, can either make you throw one hand in the air like you’re listening to 1992 Mariah Carey or throw your entire face in to that same hand in an effort to escape the ridiculousness you’ve just heard. It really all depends on the […]


Film director Oliver Stone announced that he will no longer be helming a highly anticipated biopic on the life of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. because he wasn’t allowed to show the iconic Civil Rights leader’s flaws. Dreamworks announced last fall that they were bringing King’s life to the big screen. Jamie Foxx has been […]

From NBCNewYork.com: Crackpot movie director Oliver Stone is out to do for Hitler and Stalin what he’s tried to do for Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

From Totalfilm.com: Could we see another sequel to a much-loved ‘80s classic from the man who’s preparing to unleash Gordon Gekko on the world for a second time?