With Father's Day falling right after the Juneteenth holiday, Black organizers share their thoughts on the intersection of liberation and fatherhood.


An explanation of "personalized learning" and the controversies surrounding it.

Good News

A Facebook group is looking to change negative perceptions surrounding Black fathers.

A judge sets $5,000 bail for a young mother accused of assaulting an elderly woman who shamed her parenting skills.

Educators and activists issue an urgent call for community members to get involved in their local school. Parents must also participate in their child's education.

Women from a young age are reared to protect their virginity for their husbands, or a "special someone," while male children are taught that the world is their oyster – insinuating it's fine to pursue as many sexual opportunities as possible.

Pittsburgh Steelers player James Harrison is under fire after stripping his sons of participation trophies they were awarded

A 24-year-old father of two is facing the death penalty for allegedly beating one of his sons to death over a potty training accident. Anthony Trakemon Powell was arrested last week alongside his sister Prosha Nicole Land in Houston, Texas, according to USA Today. On Mother’s Day, Powell picked the boys up from their mom’s home in Jasper, where […]

We’ve all watched the humiliating videos of parents “teaching their kids” a lesson by giving them “old man” haircuts. And while they’ve garnered tons of attention online, the haircuts are a pretty embarrassing and extreme way to discipline children. Now, a Florida father is gaining attention for taking shaming videos to another level. His discipline trick? Don’t […]

The father of a toddler who was found dead while in the custody of his mother, who had been pushing him in a swing for hours, is speaking out about the 3-year-old’s death. James Lee says the mother of Ji’Aire Lee was “not fit” to take care” of their son, MyFoxDC reports. “I’m not saying […]

You’ve heard from Toya Graham, aka “Mom of the Year” from the Baltimore riots, and now her son is speaking out about his actions and why he’s thankful his mother dragged him away from the crowd. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Graham and her son Michael Singleton give their accounts of the viral moment. Singleton says […]

In the days following the riots in Baltimore, presidential candidate Rand Paul decided to reveal what he thought was the reason behind the city’s looting and arson — absent fathers. Paul made his statements during an interview on Tuesday with conservative radio host Laura Ingram. Labeling the tense moments seen throughout the nation as “thuggery and thievery,” […]