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A 24-year-old father of two is facing the death penalty for allegedly beating one of his sons to death over a potty training accident.

Anthony Trakemon Powell was arrested last week alongside his sister Prosha Nicole Land in Houston, Texas, according to USA Today. On Mother’s Day, Powell picked the boys up from their mom’s home in Jasper, where he discovered that 3-year-old Tristan and his 2-year-old brother weren’t potty trained.

Powell took the 3-year-old into the bathroom, where he beat him so severely, he fell to the floor and hit his head. After the beating, the child complained to Land how sleepy he was. When he was found not breathing the next morning, he was taken to the hospital.

The toddler died at Texas Children’s Hospital of a fractured skull and swelling in the brain.

At the hospital, officers noticed the younger brother’s injuries from when he was scalded with hot water. Land and Powell were later arrested and charged with injury to a child by omission, and murder.

The child’s mother says Powell was very nonchalant about the incident when he told her Tristan had to be hospitalized.

“The way his voice sounded, I didn’t think it was something as bad as it was,” said Jade Tukes, Tristan’s mother. “Thought he maybe had an allergic reaction or something.”

Land, a mother to three girls, gave police similar statements.

“She even described in the interview the sound that Tristan Powell’s head made when his head hit the floor of the bathroom,” said Connie Spence, the prosecutor who described details of the case in a bond hearing. “The defendant’s attitude was fairly nonchalant,” Spence said. “In fact, according to witnesses, he was counting his money as he was riding to the hospital in the ambulance.”

Prosecutors believe more charges will be brought against both adults. The younger brother is currently in the hospital healing from his injuries.



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