Podcast: Download The National Guard has arrived in Ferguson, Gov. Jay Nixon has lifted the curfew in Ferguson, provocateurs continue to incite violence after dark, Mike Brown’s preliminary autopsy results have been released and tensions with law enforcement officials continue to escalate. Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel, featuring Rock Newman, Daniella Gibbs Le’ger and Paul Butler, discuss what the next steps should be to quell the […]

Podcast: Download Tim Lynch, Director, Project on Criminal Justice, CATO Institute joined Roland Martin Friday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the militarization of America’s police departments. Did you know that local police departments have been amassing military garb and high powered weapons since the war on drugs began? What can be done in Ferguson and around the country to […]

Podcast: Download Jin Hee Lee, Senior Counsel of the NAACP LDF joined Jeff Johnson Wednesday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the numbers of unarmed minorities being killed by police officers and how to obtain justice for the victims. Pastor Jamal Bryant delivered an update on the situation in Ferguson. Bryant detailed a town hall meeting that […]

Podcast: Download Roland Martin talks with the stars and producers of the James Brown biopic, “Get On Up.” This special extended edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcasts features Tate Taylor (Director of “Get on Up”) Aloe Blacc, Octavia Spencer, Mick Jagger, Dan Aykroyd and the man playing the Godfather of Soul, Chadwick Boseman. All that and […]

Podcast: Download President Barack Obama has authorized airstrikes in northern Iraq and Neocons seem to want another war in the middle-eastern country. Do you think the United States should engage ISIS in a full scale war to stabilize Iraq or is it time for the Iraqis to stand up for themselves? All that and more […]

Podcast: Download The  Israel-Palestine conflict continues to rage on in the Middle-East with the death toll climbing into the thousands. The conflict between the two warring sides has gone on for thousands of years. Will there ever be peace between Israel and Palestine? Roland Martin takes your calls in this edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio […]

Podcast: Download Roland Martin says  he can’t stand rude people. In this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast, Roland asks the question what is it with rude people? Is it that hard for them to be polite and speak? Roland takes your calls in this very polite and courteous edition of the “NewsOne Now” […]

Podcast: Download Immigration reform is a hot button issue. Do you think passing comprehensive immigration reform will hurt African Americans? Roland Martin takes your calls in this edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast. Charles Chiu, M.D./Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Laboratory Medicine and Medicine /Infectious Diseases at UCSF joined Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel to discuss the […]

Podcast: Download Roland Martin talks with NABJ president, Bob Butler about the NABJ, NAHJ  joint convention in 2016. Is it time for a Black and Brown coalition to demand a larger part of the pie as it relates to media contracts and new media endeavors? All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

Podcast: Download ESPN suspended Stephen A. Smith for his comments on domestic violence. “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg and “Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski expressed similar views on their respective shows and were not suspended. What do you think of Smith’s weeklong suspension? Did ESPN miss an opportunity to start a discussion, bring awareness to domestic violence and help curb violence against women? Roland Martin, […]

Podcast: Download What must the African American community do to control our own destiny? How should we as a community organize and then mobilize to improve our condition in America? Roland Martin takes your calls in this edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast. All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now […]

Podcast: Download Rev. Jesse Jackson discusses the lack of employment diversity in the tech industry and pressing Twitter to release their diversity numbers. Roland Martin explains how important access to capital and access to high paying  jobs/contracts are vital to the economic advancement of African Americans. Martin went on to explain that the fight for […]