Elijah McClain's official cause of death has finally been reported.


The family now joins the NAACP's request for the probe.

The unarmed Black man was shot at least 60 times from about 90 police bullets.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Often forgotten in these far too common acts of police violence and fatal police-civilian encounters, involving unarmed Black people, is the dangerous, emotional and traumatic labor of bearing witness.

Darnella Frazier, the teenager who filmed Derek Chauvin murder George Floyd, has revealed that Minneapolis police killed her uncle, who was an innocent driver during a high-speed chase conducted under questionable circumstances.

Police frequently encounter people with psychiatric disabilities when someone calls 911 about a person acting unusually in public. If police perceive that person as potentially violent, the situation can quickly escalate.

Investigators filed warrants to obtain surveillance video from houses across the street from the apartment complex where Botham Jean and Amber Guyger lived.

The Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation of a Dallas cop who killed a Black man in his home.