An ex-sheriff in Arkansas who resigned over his racist views and language was being shown "compassion" for his racism by remaining on the department's payroll.

The Plain View Project is a searchable database that shows countless social media posts made by thousands of police officers around the country.

Black and Hispanic officers filed a discrimination lawsuit against Prince George County's police department.

The death of Samuel DuBose by the hands of  former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing revealed some disturbing numbers about their traffic stops off campus. According to Fox 15, University of Cincinnati police force off-campus patrols have been terminated. The Law and Public Safety Committee approved the ordinance as stops dating back to Jan. 1, 2013 […]

Three Fort Lauderdale Police officers were fired and another resigned after an internal affairs investigation revealed that they spent time on the job sending n-word laced text messages and sharing an unbelievably racist video defaming the president and cut with images of the KKK with one another, reports The Broward Palm Beach New Times. SEE ALSO: Unarmed Teen […]

Many in law enforcement use social media to nab criminals, so you’d think that they’d know to be careful when posting on websites like Facebook, because everyone is watching. Cops across the country have naively been using social media sites to rant about their jobs and put a spotlight on their racial biases. The Marshall Project published a collection of Facebook […]

Black civilians in New York are not the only ones fearful of encounters with the police. Turns out, a number of Black New York Police Department officers say that while off-duty they have experienced the same pernicious racial profiling that cost unarmed 43-year-old Eric Garner his life, Reuters reports. Reuters interviewed 25 African-American male officers, […]