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Three Fort Lauderdale Police officers were fired and another resigned after an internal affairs investigation revealed that they spent time on the job sending n-word laced text messages and sharing an unbelievably racist video defaming the president and cut with images of the KKK with one another, reports The Broward Palm Beach New Times.

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According to The Broward Palm Beach New Times:

The officers’ names and ages are Alex Alvarez, 22, Jason Holding, 31,  James Wells, 30, and Christopher Sousa, 25. Their text messages include constant use of the word “n***er*,” including at least one mention of “killing n***ers.” Also shared among the group was a video – apparently created by Alvarez – of a mock movie trailer that described President Barack Obama with racial slurs as a movie villain who had to be stopped by “savage hunters.” The video goes on to show images of black people getting attacked by dogs and gun-toting white people.

When they were confronted by investigators, three of the officers suggested that the video was a regrettable attempt at humor, and that their use of the word “n***er” was not reflective of their true feelings about African-Americans.

Uh huh.

The three officers were all fired on Friday, and Alvarez resigned in late-Jaunary—before the investigation could be complete, and before he had to make a sworn statement about the allegations, reports The Sun Sentinel.

The cops were told on by Officer Alvarez’s former fiancée, Priscilla Perez, who sent an October 2014 email to African-American police chief Frank Adderly saying there were racists in his outfit, which prompted an internal affairs investigation.

Perez, then the fiancée of Alvarez, sent screen shots of text messages sent between the four, and gave a sworn statement to internal affairs outlining Alvarez’s constant racist views against Black people. The texts – which apparently happened on the clock – were incredibly offensive and gratiutiously used the word “n***er”  as well as “n***er lover” and “fa***t.”

Perez and Alvarez are no longer engaged.

Alvarez apparently also made the “The Hoods” video which uses the likenesses of his fellow officers (called “Savage Hunters”) cut with with images of KKK hoods, vicious dogs, slave holders, blood, and Presdient Obama with a mouth full of gold grills, pointedly calling the president a “n****er.”

All four officers worked in predominantly black neighborhoods.

“Once this behavior was brought to our attention, we acted swiftly and within the law in handling this type of matter,” Adderley said, as reported by The Sun Sentinel. “All of the officers were immediately removed from having any contact with the public while the investigation was conducted.”

The released Internal Affairs report read in part: “Officers Alvarez, Holding, Wells, and Sousa’s conduct is likely to have a negative impact on their interactions with the community and their coworkers as well as negatively impact their credibility in official proceedings.”

Marsha Ellison, President of the Broward County Branch of NAACP released a statement on late Friday evening:

“Today’s report released by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department is a painful reminder of our city’s flawed criminal justice system and it underscores why serious reform is sorely needed. The racist texts and malicious behaviors demonstrated by four of Fort Lauderdale’s police officers cannot be tolerated. While we commend the Fort Lauderdale Police Department for issuing this report and for removing the officers involved in the sending of racially inappropriate text messages, more aggressive actions must be taken to ensure that law enforcement officials treat every member of this community respectfully and justly. The Broward County Branch of the NAACP will call upon the Justice Department to conduct a patterns and practice investigation.  We will also ask that the officers involved, be investigated for possible civil rights or criminal charges.”

Watch the incredible video below:

*As per the NewsOne/InteractiveOne policy, the “n-word” is not written in full. However, in this case, the entire word was shared by these officers via texts and in the video.

SOURCE: The Broward Palm Beach New Times | The Sun Sentinel