On Tuesday Reed filed official paperwork to enter the field of candidates which includes City Councilman Antonio Brown, Atlanta attorney Sharon Gay, and Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore. 

Including previously introduced proposals such as investments in infrastructure, jobs, childcare and early childhood education, the new Biden budget seeks to reposition Americans socially and economically.

Rep. Yvette D. Clarke has introduced a bill to have a statue of trailblazer Shirley Chisholm added to the United States Capitol.

Regina King will produce and star in a film about pioneering politician Shirley Chisholm.

Wilkes, 30, an activist and movement leader, recently launched her second campaign to run for Maryland's 5th Congressional District, in hopes to unseat Rep. Steny Hoyer, the longest-serving House Democrat.

"It can no longer be denied: The new Georgia is real, here to stay and is essential to the efforts to protect our democracy," writes Nsé Ufot, CEO of the the New Georgia Project.

Several participants in Wednesday's attempted coup at Capitol Hill have been terminated, while the calls for certain lawmakers and officials to step down or resign grows louder.

Comedian Leslie Jones amped up her spicy commentary on Twitter Wednesday night when she gave a play-by-play on Donald Trump's baseless claims around election fraud.

Goff will help lead efforts to help propel Biden's legislative efforts through Congress, which includes policies promising to lengthen, ensure, and enrich the lives of Black people in America.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama shared words of wisdom following Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ historic victory.

Ainka Jackson, the founding and current executive director, and her team, accomplish this by partnering with local and national organizations, like Black Voters Matter, while galvanizing community involvement.

From healthcare reform to an overhaul of the criminal justice system, these social justice crusaders are creating waves locally, and nationally.