Phoenix Police Officer Christian "Rico Blaze" Goggans is under investigation.


The list of unexpected allies stepping up for Black lives just grew a little bigger this weekend after one of the top online porn sites reportedly had a unique way of announcing that it was down for the cause.


Sabine Raymonvil, 30, an 8-year veteran with the Miami Police Department, is under investigation after allegations emerged that she has participated in pornographic films since joining the force, reports. Among those whom Raymonvil performs sex acts with in the films, which were obtained by Local 10, is Emerson Callum. Callum is currently serving a life […]

Chavonda Gallman (pictured) is a prime example of a mama who does not play! According to The Smoking Gun, the Spartanburg, South Carolina, resident reportedly summoned the sheriff’s department after discovering her 15-year-old son viewing pornography on her living room television. As detailed in the sheriff’s report, the teen boy was in his bedroom when his 40-year-old […]

Although the pornography industry reportedly generated a staggering $10 billion per year at one point, the blue movie biz may be plagued by the age-old looming specter of racism. Based on the accounts of a popular White starlet, the industry’s leaders are older White men who feel that actresses lessen their value when working with […]


Is it time for the multi-billion dollar porn industry to wrap it up? SEE ALSO: Straight Talk On Home Births Some voters in Los Angeles County certainly think so. The Los Angeles Times reports that a ballot measure asking residents whether porn actors should wear condoms during sex scenes has collected enough signatures to appear […]

Adult film star legend Jada Fire (pictured) made a heartbreaking announcement Thursday that has devastated many porn watchers.  The woman who portrayed the former Secretary of State “Condoleezaa Wright” in the unforgettable film “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” has officially announced that she is leaving her fans high and dry (no pun intended) and quitting the film industry for […]

Former Los Angeles traffic cop John Dancler is trying to get his job back. SEE ALSO: How GOP Racism Became The Norm He was fired in July 2011 after he and another traffic cop appeared in a porn movie while on duty and in uniform. Dancler made his appeal Wednesday to the Los Angeles Civil […]

On Wednesday, porn star Aurora Snow (pictured) penned an article in the Daily Beast on the recent Sasha Grey controversy and the criticism levied against porn industry performers thereafter. Snow feels that it is very unfair for people to judge Grey negatively for the same thing people do in their own homes: SEE ALSO: GOP […]

BOSTON — A Utah man who police say was viewing child pornography on his laptop during a flight from Salt Lake City to Boston faced arraignment on Monday.

ABBOTTOBAD, PAKISTAN-Investigators who searched Osama Bin Laden’s compound found a large stash of pornography, Reuters reports: The pornography recovered in bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, consists of modern, electronically recorded video and is fairly extensive, according to the officials, who discussed the discovery with Reuters on condition of anonymity. The officials said they were […]

An article on The Root discusses Africa’s developing pornography industry, and the growing number of young adults that aspire to earn a living from it. The Root reports: Hundreds of young men and women in Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and elsewhere are all trying to join the […]