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One of the most popular online porn destinations has responded to reports that it would be curating all-Black content on its website to stand in solidarity with the efforts to achieve racial equality and justice. An image bearing the logo of Pornhub along with a note that it would be showcasing “only ebony videos” this week began circulating on social media on Sunday, making the website’s name a top trending topic on Twitter.

The alleged note from “The Pornhub team” said they committed “to stand in solidarity with the Black community as they rightfully demand justice. That’s why from June 6th-12th only ebony videos will be available on our website.”

However, Pornhub on Monday responded to an inquiry from NewsOne and said that the reports of the alleged promotion were not accurate and that the note never appeared on its website.


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The list of unexpected allies stepping up for Black lives just grew a little bigger this weekend after one of the top online destinations for pornography announced that it was down for the cause, according to social media reports.

Pornhub, which describes itself in part as “the leading free, ad-supported adult video streaming website,” had reportedly erected on its front page a note alerting viewers that there would be a temporary change in its programming of sorts when it switches to “only ebony videos” this coming week. Screenshots of the note began flooding social media on Sunday.

“We commit to stand in solidarity with the Black community as they rightfully demand justice,” the note said. “That’s why from June 6th-12th only ebony videos will be available on our website.” The note was attributed to “The Pornhub team.”

The “rightfully demand justice” reference was an obvious nod to the ongoing protests and demonstrations against racism and police violence in the wake of the in-custody homicide of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day and other recent killings of unarmed Black people.

However, while Pornhub has a tweet pinned to the top of its Twitter timeline saying in part that it “stands in solidarity against racism and social injustice,” there was no apparent tweet about the reported plan for “only ebony videos” this week.


Pornhub’s reported note was being widely greeted across Black Twitter with replies that include but certainly are not limited to “We got @pornhub on our side y’all;” “Ayo pornhub is showing black girls only, LET’S GO;” and “Okay pornhub….i see you.”

To be sure, using race-based pornography to raise awareness of the plight for social justice would be an unprecedented move. But it’s also a farce, according to one Twitter user who correctly pointed out that Pornhub “hosts footage of Black women & girls being raped.” The verified account for Claire Heuchan, a Black Scottish feminist, tweeted that Pornhub has “Countless videos of abuse tagged as ‘Black slave girl, white master’, ‘racist humiliation’, and ‘racial abuse'” before advising the website and its viewers to “Stop eroticising anti-Black, sexist violence.”

The company is known for its shrewd and timely marketing tactics that include a recent offer of a free premium level membership to its website because of the coronavirus lockdown that has kept pockets of the world isolated indoors at home to observe social distancing guidelines.

Online porn viewership has soared during the pandemic, according to data provided by Pornhub.

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Some of the other corporations announcing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement include Amazon, Twitter, TikTok, L’Oreal Paris, the NFL and Disney, all of which have been previously accused of being anti-Black.


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