Racial Wealth Gap

Deloitte US is committing $1.5 billion toward advancing social equity.

Florida Memorial University and the Institute of Black Wealth have teamed up to create an initiative aimed at closing the racial wealth gap.

President Biden's extension of a moratorium on federal student loan debt payments falls short of demands to cancel it altogether as the racial wealth gap continues to widen. Studies show that Black students are affected the most by student debt.

Proponents of student debt cancelation applaud the Biden Administration's extension of the pause on student loan payments but want the president to take action and cancel the debt.

Steph Curry has teamed up with a nonprofit dedicated to closing the racial wealth gap.

Killer Mike and Ryan Glover’s digital banking platform Greenwood has secured $40 million in funding.

J.R. Fenwick’s company FLip That Stock is working to increase Black participation in stock investing.

Social entrepreneur and wealth justice advocate Chloe McKenzie is on a mission to level the playing field for Black women when it comes to wealth creation.

Louisiana native Darren Walker launched the BEAN platform to promote Black economic empowerment and address the racial wealth gap.

OneUnited Bank has launched the BankBlack X campaign to address the racial wealth gap.

An entrepreneur created flashcards celebrating Black millionaires and billionaires to teach youth about building wealth.

The financial crisis of 2009, the worst since the Great Depression, was hard on all Americans. But arguably no group felt its sting more than African-Americans.