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Representation is everything. In an effort to teach children about the importance of entrepreneurship and building wealth, a Black-owned media company based in New Orleans created a flashcard game that highlights the journeys of Black millionaires and billionaires, the Chicago Defender reported.

The cards—which are a part of a collection dubbed Raising Black Millionaires Flashcards—features the stories of 52 entrepreneurs and business moguls who have garnered wealth across different industries. Each card includes the individual’s backstory and the awards and accomplishments that they’ve made throughout their careers. Entrepreneur Thiah Veona Muhammad, who created the cards, believed it was important for children to see examples of Black wealth outside of the entertainment and sports industries. “I think it’s imperative that we, as Black people, know who our millionaires and billionaires are, more specifically those who are in business and are non-entertainers/athletes,” Muhammad said in a statement, according to the news outlet. “Showing them real examples of people who look like them, making millions in various industries will not only help them to identify themselves as people of greatness, but it will introduce them to industries that they likely have never been exposed to before, giving them more career choices.” Amongst the business moguls featured in the deck are Janice Bryant Howroyd and Pamela J. Booker. She hopes that parents and educators will use the cards as a tool to educate and empower Black youth.

This isn’t the first educational tool that Muhammad has created for African American parents and children. In 2015 she released a book titled How to Raise Your Black Child to Be a Millionaire: Child-rearing Secrets of the Black Elite and she also launched a blog that features lessons about financial literacy and wealth creation that can be implemented in the household and the classroom. The company also has a Raising Black Millionaires podcast where Muhammad leads candid conversations with African American millionaires on how their parents helped guide them towards success.

Many Black entrepreneurs have created educational products to empower the youth. African American inventor Elliott Eddie created The Entrepreneur Game to teach children what goes into running a business.


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