School systems hostile to Black cultural expression can threaten children’s well-being.

A racial discrimination lawsuit says Geye Hamby threatened to "kill" Black people.

A Black New Jersey student athlete and her mother want two White students to apologize in person for racial abuse.

School districts in Utah are the latest to observe a rise in White students targeting their Black classmates for racial bullying.

A Wisconsin teacher assigned homework that asked fourth-grade students for three reasons why slavery was good, sparking outrage among parents.

A Florida student was recently suspended after Clay County district officials confirmed the teen had posted a racist ad on Craigslist referring to two of his fellow classmates as "slaves for sale."

A New Jersey elementary school recently apologized to a group of angry parents for an assignment that involved fifth-graders drawing posters of slave auctions.

Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said this week that a grand jury will not bring charges against Rolesville High School resource officer Ruben De Los Santos after a video showed the North Carolina cop slamming a 15-year-old female student to the ground in January.

A disturbing video shows a White student referring to her African-American male classmate as a "Black piece of s**t" during an altercation following what the Black teen said was months of harassment and threats.

Westosha Central High School was recently the center of racial discord after a number of racial bullying incidents were brought to the administration's attention.


The student's mother believes the incident was racially motivated and is suing the Waco, Texas school for $2.7 million.