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Sincere remorse from White high school students for their racist comments toward a Black student is unlikely at a time when the so-called “Trump-effect” is normalizing racial bullying.

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In the aftermath of the latest incident to surface, a Black New Jersey teen athlete and her mother want the two offenders to apologize in person, reported.

The two White boys called her a racial slur and made other offensive remarks on May 13 while riding a bus after a sporting event. School officials acknowledged the incident and issued a public apology. But that doesn’t go far enough for Myasia Joga and her mother.

It seems like nearly every week there is a new report of students wearing black face or white hoods and hurling the N-word. President Donald Trumps’ embrace of White supremacists and his racially hateful rhetoric is suspected of igniting a wave of racial bullying in schools across the nation.

Nationwide, African-American students represented approximately 25 percent of racial bullying victims in 2016, the groups with the highest percentage of incidents, the National Bullying Prevention Center reported.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) coined the phrase “Trump effect” to describe the impact of the president’s hate speech on the sudden rise in racial bullying. SPLC published a report in 2016 based on 10,000 teacher survey responses. It found that two-thirds of respondents reported an increase in student fears, mainly among minority groups, about their safety after the election.

The incident involving Myasia, who attends Absegami High School in Galloway, New Jersey, occurred after a rowing competition. She had to sit on a separate bus from her teammates because theirs was full. Several White male rowers on the opposing team, who are students at Mainland Regional High School, entered the bus and saw Myasia sitting in the front row.

“A few minutes into the ride, they began telling jokes and that is when they started with the Rosa Parks references, saying she used to sit in the back in her day now she sits in the front,” Myasia recalled, adding that they also called her the N-word.

The teen wants to look the two boys in the face to see if they have any real remorse. But it appears that won’t happen.

“They boys were ignorant,” Myasia’s mother, Uly’es Joga, told her daughter. “You have no reason to be ashamed about being a Rosa Parks.”


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